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Customer Quotes

David Middleton (Set designer/videographer/photographer)

     Lucinda is one of the most talented artists I've had the pleasure to work with. Her ability to blend colors with the proper glazing is nothing short of magic in my opinion. With our projects, Lucinda had to work with the many opinions of directors, producers and finally the critical eyes of our German Clients. I've witnessed her take a plain wall 32 feet in length and 12 feet tall and transform it into a thing of beauty withing a weekend. One project I had a faux marble laminate with 6 inches of styrofoam on the edge cut to look like broken rock. Lucinda was able to match the color and veining of the faux marble and continue it onto the styrofoam creating the illusion that it was one piece of actual marble. Our clients were very pleased with the fact that it looked real.

     Lucinda's work does not draw attention to itself, but becomes a natural part of the project. Because of the nature of our work, many of her works of art here no longer exist. But the faux leather effect she created as a backsplash in our company kitchen has lasted to this day and still looks as fresh as the day she painted it.

Sonya Kullman Cox

     Lucinda's talent stretches across so many styles and mediums! For our house, she did a complicated staining technique to achieve a beautiful aged look on our entry door. We also have one of her paintings on canvas of Koi fish. It's so realistic that it looks like you could dip your fingers in the water. On top of that, I've seen a beautiful ceiling mural she created. She's really quite masterful!

Vicky Allen

    I've been privileged to know Lucinda for over thirty years. Over this time, I've witnessed so much talent from this beautiful lady! Her gift of art is unmatched and very diverse. It's always a pleasure to see a new piece she's finished. Lucinda possesses a God given gift of art in all forms.

Complete Automotive - Carl and Maureen Hutchinson

     We love displaying Lucinda's art in our shop! She delivers superb quality and a diverse ability of talent. From creating beautiful horses on canvas to amazing water scenes, to more eclectic modern art pieces. We love sharing her art with our local community and hope you enjoy her art as much as we do!

Bill and Terri McNeill

     Lucinda created a beautiful faux finish on our dining room wall. We liked it so much we had her do our powder room, great room, and a wall leading to our lower level. We were thrilled with the results. She is very talented and easy to work with.

Shelli Gilbert

     I've known Lucinda for over 20 years and watched as her talent developed and grew. Recently we had her do a portrait of our much loved pet as a present for my husband. Her attention to detail was great and she captured his expression perfectly. We loved it so much, we want her to do another!!

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